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22XXGT 2nd Demo
« on: September 07, 2006, 03:42:12 PM »
*lolz taken from Guild*

V download is here V
^ download is here ^

The features of this game include, as written by the project's manager Blackbeltdude:

- 7 nearly finished playable characters
- 5 non-interactive stages
- 1 fully interactive stage
- A working guard break system
- Sadly, MIDIs for music...

The characters featured in this demo are NOT made by me, nor is any of the material save for the character named "Fusion"'s sprites. The only work of mine is the character Fusion, and all I did for him were sprites and sounds.  Nothing else.  This demo is, also, NOT related to the other MUGEN Megaman game here.

This game is NOT supported by Capcom, and is NOT intended for profit.  Movelists and such... You're on your own.
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