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MegaMan 8
« on: March 21, 2006, 01:05:47 PM »
MegaMan 8, is considered to be the last real classic game despite the fact that both MegaMan and Bass and Power Fighters are set after this. That aside, because two separate versions of this game exist, the one commonly known on the PSX and the one on the Sega Saturn, I will give scores for each.

Gameplay: MegaMan 8 totally scrapped a few common features in the series, notably E-Tanks, Passwords (it has saves), Rush Coil (I am a sad Panda), and a currency that made sense. In MegaMan 8 you can still buy things with the elusive bolts scattered in the stages, however you can only purchase 8 items total, leaving any incentive to collect all the bolts gone. Although this game features a lot fairly decent gameplay and has good typical MegaMan fare we all know and love, it features something that is intolerable:


Besides that, it’s fairly good, although that REALLY drags it through the mud as far as I am concerned.
PSX: 17 out of 20
Saturn: 17 out of 20

Music: The game has some decent music, which isn't too bad, but not particularly outstanding either, the boss theme leaves much to be desired. It should be noted that the two versions have different themes for TenguMan's stage and the Saturn version has two additional tracks (I'll explain more later.).
PSX: 13 out of 15
Saturn: 13 out of 15

Rehash: This is where the games split:

PSX: There is the battle with Bass which reuses his theme from MegaMan 7, the Green Devil while largely a new boss can do the old splitting trick of his Yellow Cousins, and Wily's Saucer final form.

Saturn: The Saturn version has all of the above AND two additional rehashed bosses. CutMan can be found hanging around in Duo's stage for no apparent reason, and WoodMan is the mini-boss in SearchMan's stage. Both have their old stage music when battling them. Normally, I would dock huge points for such a thing, but given the fact CutMan is hidden and the effort put into these, I will acknowledge it was done for nostalgic reasons. So it will not receive and additional point docks.

PSX: 13 out of 15
Saturn: 13 out of 15

Plot: Let me sum up the plot:
Bass: You suck die.
MegaMan: ZOMG there’s an asteroid laterz.
Wily: FWHAHA I will use this purple glowy shit to power my shit.
Light: If we find dat metow we find Dotow Wiwy.
Duo: Like Wily has a shield on his fortress and shit.
AquaMan: I'm AquaMan, but you can call me handsome guy! *dies incredibly painful death*
Bass: You suck die.
Wily: FWHAHAH I kill you!
Duo: Here I come to save the day!
ProtoMan: *doesn't do anything of note really*
MegaMan: *insert inane bullshit here*
Ok, as you can tell I really found this one pretty bad, it had potential, but it was badly delivered, largely due to Dr. Fudd.
PSX: 5 out of 10
Saturn: 5 out of 10

Translation: Hey I'm doing these out of order... oh well. Anyways while the text is fairly decent, the voice acting is notoriously horrid; lines are mispronounced (Sup calling Bass the fish and not the note) and lest we forget Dr. Fudd.
PSX: 7 out of 10
Saturn: 7 out of 10

Length: Fairly decent, right amount of stages.
PSX: 15 out of 15
Saturn: 15 out of 15

Difficulty: Although this game lacks Energy Tanks, it is still quite easy, the only possible note for a point docking is the Jump jump Slide slide bull.
PSX: 14 out of 15
Saturn: 14 out of 15

... well they ended up with the same scores anyways.

84/100 = 84 %

Better voice acting would have really helped this one out.

Positive: The Jump Jump slide slide bull is only in two stages.

Negative: Voice Acting, jump jump slide slide bull.
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Re: MegaMan 8
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2006, 01:05:51 PM »
A little late replying, but I had to say this.

Why say that the music is the same when there are clearly differences between the two? I say give a higher score to whichever sounds better.

Saturn MM8 Soundtrack > PSX MM8 Soundtrack

Just try to keep things peaceful.


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Re: MegaMan 8
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2006, 02:49:04 PM »
The only real difference between the two sound tracks is the different TenguMan theme (I actually like the PSX version a bit more, less trancey bull shit) and the CutMan and WoodMan remixes, not enought to really warrent a difference in points, at most it would be .01 difference.

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Re: MegaMan 8
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2006, 05:07:22 PM »
Woodman's theme is pure own.  They made it all techno-y.